Jennifer Culp

J/C Studio


Jennifer Culp

Jennifer Culp is the owner of JC STUDIO, a boutique interior design firm known for its exceptional interiors. Her hands on approach and down to earth demeanor make her a favorite with clients. Jennifer’s projects have a casual sophistication which combines her love of art, vintage furniture and other objects of interest to create comfortably chic environments.

Her motivation to create is fueled by the union of her experiences, from her east coast background in the art world, to her vast travels abroad. Her unique ability to transform a space has garnered the attention of major design publications and made her an up and coming leader in the design world. Jennifer’s understanding of the exceptional and love of style inspires both her work and everyday life.


When I read these “design profiles” they all sound the same to me, and in some ways tell you very little about the designer. Here is what I want people to know about me. I live and breathe design. I love the whole bit… working with artisans, finding that rare object that takes your breath away, construction sites, problems to solve, flea market shopping, the flower mart and the look on a clients face when they are at peace with their surroundings.

I try to live as creatively as possible and walk a fresh path every day. My family is a continual source of inspiration for me, and my son’s artwork blows me away. I love what I do, and if I can share a glimmer of that with my wonderful clients I have done my job.