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February 6

/ Tulum Bound

Okay I know we need the rain, but between storms I have been dreaming of my next getaway.  And though some may say it is already passé… I see Tulum in my immediate future.

As a design buff I cannot resist this chic escape where the beach meets the jungle, and the décor is a mix of modernism and historic influences.  This combination of minimalism with a focus on natural surroundings is appealing in any interior and we can take away some great design tips from our neighbors to the south.

The cutting edge architecture in Tulum is a blend of sustainability and local construction techniques.

photo: Papaya Playa Project

The interiors are simple and effortless, but loaded with texture and warm colors

photo: Tulum Tree House
Photo: Nomade Tulum

Art and culture are an integral part of the Tulum community.  The exhibit Configurations is currently at the IK Lab in the ecological resort Azulik.

photo: IK Lab

And if you can’t make it to Tulum, here are some design ideas to steel and bring Tulum to you…

Equipale chairs, a woven pendant and palm leaves is all you need.

Photo: 1st Dibs
photo: Mix Furniture
photo: My Domain

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December 5

/ Winter White

Remember the days when you couldn’t wear white after Labor Day?  Now as the days turn shorter and colder I find myself gravitating towards a serene white palette.  Surrounding yourself with warm brightness seems to ward off the winter blues and creates a peaceful surrounding.  The pared down spectrum of white is versatile and visually restful.  Whites can be tricky, however.  If not done correctly you can end up in a sterile box.  The three keys to decorating with white are texture, layering and materials.

Warm colors and soft woods are a perfect match for white.  This NYC apartment feels cozy and inviting with soft rust colors and rich wood floors.

Photo: Adenorah for Domino

Texture is white’s best friend.  Without texture and layering, white may becoming boring and stark.  Layering pillows or adding wood ceilings can soften a white room and add interest.

Photo: Martin Koldby
Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson

Try painting materials white like a brick fireplace for a calming effect.

Photo: Heredwelling for Leanne Ford Interiors

White can be used just as effectively in products and fashion as well.  Stephen Antonson’s gorgeous plaster lighting evokes a winter wonderland.

Photo: Stephen Antonson

And you can’t go wrong with a classic mix of warm whites on a chilly day

Photo: lacooletchic.com

As they say… don’t be afraid of a “lack” of color.

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August 8

/ The Dog Days of Summer

For all you dog lovers out there, you know that a house is not a home without a dog!  And many top designers would agree that interiors should not only represent people but their furry friends as well.  Dogs bring us such joy and companionship that many of us can’t imagine a life without them.   But do you have to compromise good design for a four-legged family member?  Absolutely not.  Today’s interiors offers many pet friendly options, so a stylish life can be shared by all.

Here are a few tips for finding that balance between dogs and design…

Invest in dog products.  This custom bed designed by JC Studio’s own Angela Panozzo is chic and comfy.  Dogs love being off the ground and the legs provide for easy cleaning.

photo: Angela Panozzo

And if you want to invest a little more… you can go for the MDK9 Dog Haus, which can be purchased with custom bedding too.

photo: RAH Design

Without fail dogs love to sleep on beds and sofas.  Easily washable bedding and removable slip covers are perfect options.  Durable fabrics such as leather can be cleaned easily and do not show hair.

Photo: Parachute Home
Photo: Dogs Inside

Let’s face it all dog owners know there will be accidents.  Make it easy on yourself and buy rugs than have patterns and multiple colors.  Always place a thick non-skid pad under all rugs.

Photo: Desire to Inspire
Photo: Marcia Prentice

The good news is that sometimes a dog may even compliment your interiors and fit right into the scheme… accidentally of course.

Photo: Kim Salmeda

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June 6

/ Black Is The New Black

Let’s face it there really is no substitute for black.  From the little black dress to building facades, black remains a dominant force in the fashion and interiors world.  It has permeated into every design crack imaginable from pottery and tile to paint and furniture.  And why shouldn’t it?  Black is chic, sophisticated, versatile and will never go out of style.  It makes a great backdrop for textures and art and adds a touch of drama.  There are big and small ways to incorporate black into your interiors, and none will disappoint.  Before you know it you too will be a dark addict…

Black on the stairs adds a bold touch.  Try just the steps or even the whole staircase!

photo: Dustin Aksland
photo: Katie Lee

Whole rooms look glamorous in all black and make other colors pop.  Try glossy black for a more  dramatic look

photo: apartment therapy
Photo: Donna Dotan Photography Inc.

Black furniture is a great way to ease into the dark.  This painted sideboard is stunning in a painted black finish

photo: Midcentury Furniture

Who would not want this black oak turned lamp by their bed?

photo:  Lostine

And not for the faint of heart we have the whole house

photo: Lonny
photo: Leela Cyd Ross

Are you ready to join the dark side?

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April 11

/ Fabulous Florals

With Spring upon us floral design is in full bloom.  Now mind you I am not talking about the musty old florals you saw in your great grandmother’s house, but fresh, modern and innovative ways to incorporate florals into design.  From wallpaper to textiles and fashion florals are continuing to have their moment.  They breathe in life and bring nature inside.  They are a great way to add pops of color to a room and can be a striking contrast in a modern setting.

Here are some ways to incorporate the easy breezy look of florals into your life…

Wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper.  I can’t say enough about floral wallpaper.  There are so many spectacular option out there it is hard to pick.  For a large space go for a big, bold print like this stunning green leaf paper from Essential Home Design

photo: Essential Home

For smaller spaces, like a powder room. This Hygge and West paper is fresh and colorful.

photo: Hygge & West

If wallpaper scares you then take baby steps with a few floral accent pillows.  These John Robshaw prints have a carefree bohemian vibe

photos: John Robshaw

Florals can be found everywhere these days from art to fashion.  Artist Guy Yanai’s paintings consist of bold colors and a modern perspective of nature.

photos: Guy Yanai

And Ulla Johnson’s fabulous floral blouses are always chic and modern

photo: Ulla Johnson

photos: Ulla Johnson

Time to get your bloom on!

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February 7

/ The Wonder of Wovens

Decorating with natural wovens never ceases to amaze me and never goes out of style.  From rattan and raffia to rope and seagrass these timeless textures add an earthy warmth to any space.  Although clean lines and smooth surfaces can create a polished look they can also feel cold or untouchable.  Textured items bring back that organic approachability.  They are welcoming, inviting and let’s face it make a space more livable.

Here are some different way to incorporate wovens into your life…

Furniture is the most obvious choice.  Woven furniture pieces come in all shapes and sizes and span all styles.  In our Palos Verdes project this woven end table, from Hollywood at Home, stunned paired with succulents and a patterned rug.

Photo: JC Studio

These entry chairs mix wood and a rush back for the perfect relaxed vibe

Photo: Hollywood at Home

Lighting is another great way to integrate some texture.  An oversized woven pendant brings an island feel to this boutique hotel in Greece.  While simply changing the lamp shade of a fixture can do the trick as well.

Photo: Casa Cook Rhodes
photo: JC Studio

And texture is essential in fashion as well.  These woven purses make an ordinary outfit extraordinary.

Photo: Loeffler Randall
Photo: Cult Gaia

So bring a little woven into your life… and feel the warmth!

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December 6

/ Winter Retreat

As the temperature finally drops in Los Angeles I begin to dream of snow.  What cozy mountain house awaits…?  The décor of typical mountain homes can be very predictable with heavy stone, dark colors, iron and of course the typical antler chandelier.  But there is hope!  And there is a way to balance good design with a mountain lifestyle.

This Utah home by Studio McGee brings a modern twist to the quintessential mountain home.  It remains warm and comfortable while also being fresh and chic.  The clean lines and bright colors mixed with the textures and materials are both minimal and inviting at the same time.

Photo: Studio McGee
Photo: Studio McGee

This kids bunk room could not be more cozy with the layering of rugs and warm neutral colors.  The brass accents add a touch of sophistication.

Photo: Lindsay Salazar

Even this beautiful stone bathroom feels light and airy mixed with the crisp white tub and side table.

Photo: Audrey Hall

And this stunning  A-frame in Big Bear has the perfect modern cabin vibe.  The white walls combined with colors, patterns and textures create a relaxed yet refined environment.

Photo: Sunset Magazine

Here’s to a fabulous winter getaway!

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October 4

/ The Art of Accessorizing

Never underestimate the role accessories play in a home.  They create warmth, personalization and breathe life into the design scheme.  Accessories tell the story of a home, who you are and what you value.  Living in a city like Los Angeles there are so many opportunities to buy locally from incredibly talented artisans.  Here are a few of my favorite accessories that will not only bring you immense joy, but also are handmade in Los Angeles

Local ceramicist Natan Moss creates stunning pieces from handmade lamps to soy candles.  His beautiful glazes make every piece unique.

photo: hollywoodathome.com
photo: hollywoodathome.com


De Jong & Co is a Los Angeles woodworking company that specializes in custom handcrafted one of a kind pieces.  From cutting boards to benches, each piece is a work of art.

photo: dejongandco.com

Magnolia Ceramics is a Southern California company known for its pureness of form and clean lines.

photo: lawsonfenning.com


Nickey Kehoe, a local neighborhood showroom, has a line of handmade products that will take your breath away…. and let your pup sleep tight.

photo: nickeykehoe.com

When you choose to shop for accessories in the community you are getting the most bang for your buck.  Supporting local artists and finding those special objects that last a lifetime.  It is a win-win!

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August 22

/ California State of Mind

On the heels of an amazing northern California beach vacation I am reminded how lucky we are to live in the Golden State.  We are able to incorporate the natural beauty that surrounds us, from the mountains to the ocean, into our everyday life.  We can blur the lines between inside and out, and create spaces that have no boundaries.  As the rest of the country begins to pack up for fall, we are just gearing up for another year of indoor-outdoor living.

Here are some reminders as to why you live in California, in case you forgot…

The garden view from this modern Venice Beach Bungalow cannot be beat

photo: Coral Von Zumwalt

And if you need to cool off after a meal, just step down into your pool

photo: Kate Holstein

And check out this Midcentury beauty in San Diego

photo: Darren Bradley

Looking for something more rustic?  Escape into the woods with these chic structures

photo: Big Sur Campground and Cabins
photo: Stefan Ruiz

Now aren’t we the lucky ones!

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June 21

/ Keeping it Cool in LA

Summer is officially upon us, and as all you Angelenos know that can mean sweltering heat.   The good news is that here is Southern California pools are an art form.  From sipping cocktails poolside at your favorite hotel to a casual backyard pool party, there are plenty of option to choose from, and no shortage on style…

Nothing is more iconic than the Beverly Hills Hotel pool.  Book a lunch at the Cabana Café, and then enjoy the rest of your day splashing about.

photo: Reonie Hanne

For a more urban experience enjoy the rooftop pool at The Standard downtown.

Photo: Manuel Zublena

Looking for something smaller and quainter?  Try Casa Laguna Hotel and Spa for a cozy dip in the pool while overlooking the Pacific.

Photo: Casa Laguna

Hotel not in the cards for you?  It’s time to call in those favors to friends and neighbors who have pools.  And trust me there is no shortage in LA.  Here are a couple beauties…

Mid century dip anyone?

Photo: Bilden Corp

I might never leave this heavenly farmhouse:

Photo: Marion Brenner

And if none of the above work and you happen to be shopping in West Hollywood, maybe they will let you stick your toes into the pool at The Row…who knows??

Photo: Dominique Vorillon

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